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'Fresh evidence' hope in Ryan Passey killing probe

Police are examining new lines of inquiry regarding potential fresh evidence over the killing of Ryan Passey, his family has revealed.

West Yorkshire Police is conducting a review of the initial investigation into the killing of the 24-year-old from Quarry Bank, who was stabbed to death on a night out in Stourbridge in 2017.

Ryan's family has now received an update on the independent review, which was launched earlier this year after they accused West Midlands Police, which investigated the case, of missing several lines of inquiry.

Jason Connon, from the Justice for Ryan campaign, said the family and private investigator Russ Whitfield attended a "very positive" meeting with detectives from West Yorkshire Police.

He said they were given assurances that "no stone is being left unturned" and that specialists had been brought in to support the review.

Mr Connon said: "We now feel our concerns and questions regarding the original police investigation and decisions afterwards are being taken seriously and acted upon appropriately.

"New lines of inquiry regarding potential new evidence are to be followed up in the coming weeks and detectives will be keeping in regular communication with the family via our private investigator as to how things are progressing."

Mr Connon added that no completion date had been set for the review, and that discussions were continuing with the CPS and the Ministry of Justice regarding the campaign.

Ryan died from a single fatal stab wound to the heart during a night out at Chicago's nightclub.

Kobe Murray, now known as Kareem Gayle, admitted knifing him but was cleared by a jury of murder and manslaughter.

The verdict led his family to start the ongoing Justice for Ryan campaign, which saw them win a civil case against Mr Gayle, who they claim unlawfully killed Ryan.

In a joint statement, Ryan's parents Ade, Gill and Phil, said: "We have always maintained that Ryan was killed unlawfully.

"We shall never rest until justice is rightly served for our Ryan and we feel more confident following our meeting with West Yorkshire Police."

Stourbridge MP Suzanne Webb, who is backing the family's campaign, has called for clarity over when the review will be concluded.

She said: "I am very happy with the depth of the review and the lines of inquiry that are being followed but I am a little frustrated there is no indication when it will conclude.

"However, in fairness, this reflects the amount of effort and ‘no stone unturned’ approach the West Yorkshire Police is applying to this review and that is most welcome.

"I would only urge officers to work as quickly as possible. Ryan’s family has waited a great deal of time for this review to take place. It is only right that his relatives want answers and justice."

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