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Watch our moving Campaign Video, commemorating the two-year anniversary of Ryan's death.

With today, August 6th 2019, marking the two-year anniversary of Ryan's tragic death, we are proud to present a special campaign video to commemorate the importance of our cause, to act as a reminder of the tragedy of Ryan's story, and to thank everyone who has supported our campaign so far...

video edited by Kyle Pedley. ยฉ nuEditorial 2019


To commemorate the 2 year anniversary of Ryan's tragic death, we proudly present a very special campaign video. An emotional, important reminder of what we are fighting for, and how we will never give up fighting for justice in Ryan's memory.

As the video says, we cannot begin to thank enough every single company, organisation and individual who has so generously supported our campaign over these past two years. We continue to be bowled over by the love and support from an incredibly community.

Please share this video far and wide - there is a long way to go in our fight for justice yet, and every penny and pledge of support is so precious to us as we seek to fight the blight of knife crime, and see the law changed so that no family has to go through what Ryan's have had to endure.

video ยฉ Kyle Pedley/nuEditorial 2019. This video has been made for not-for-profit purposes, and contains video content created or otherwise owned by the BBC, Express and Star, Fizzogs Productions, Stourbridge Drone, Simon Henus Photography and other sources. We do not claim ownership of any external content, and kindly thank the respective owners for allowing us to use it in this important, charitable video. For any copyright queries, please contact

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