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Surprise, Surprise........ He does not want to face us in court!

*************IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN UPDATE*****************

Surprise, Surprise........ He does not want to face us in court!

We served our Civil Papers to Kobe Murray on 2nd December 2020

On the 15th December 2020: • We received “Acknowledgement of Service” from Solicitors acting on behalf of Kobe Murray stating he “Intends to defend all of the claim” and his name has now been changed to KAREEM GAYLE.

• Due to additional time required to acquire the original files and seek necessary input from Counsel. They formally requested a 28 day extension to file their defence, which we agreed to, meaning that the his defence would fall due on the 27th January 2021.

On the 19th January 2021: • We received further communication from his solicitors stating they are going to need further time to prepare their defence. We cooperated and agreed a final extension, giving him up until 25th February for him to file his defence over to us.

On the 15th February 2021, • We received further communications from the solicitors informing us that they are no longer acting for him and that he is now going to represent himself.

• No further contact has been made to us and no defence has been received.

We now move forward with an application to the court for a default judgement to be made, holding Kareem Gayle (previously named Kobe Murray) fully responsible for the unlawful killing of Ryan.

You will never be able to run or hide from what you did to our Ryan. You can move area...... change your name...... but we will never give up until we get justice for Ryan. We will have our day...... We will have Justice For Ryan.......

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