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‘Knifed: Bloodbath on Britain’s Streets’ - Featuring Ryan's Parents

The documentary featured recently on TV describes the first hand accounts of the effects of knife crime and the devastation it causes on familes and communities.

Watching the very brave and coragous families that took part in the filming and hear them tell their stories about the loved ones they have lost was a truly heartbreaking experience.

The families of Ryan Passey (24), Samantha Madgin (18), Reagan Asbury (19), Daniel Kirkwood (18), Lauric Labato (22), and James Brindley (26) are irreparably changed forever.

We will fight on for Justice not only for Ryan, but for all the families that have been failed by our justice system.

If you missed the documentary, you can view it on catch up TV at:

Please WATCH and SIGN our petition for Ryan's Law at

Please help us.......

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