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Kareem Gayle (formerly known as Kobe Murray) unlawfully Killed Ryan, judge rules.

The unlawful killing verdict delivered by Honour Judge Gregory is a landmark Judgement for the family in their ongoing campaign in fighting for Justice For Ryan.

In his ruling, the judge said Mr Murray tried to “cover up” his “involvement in the fatal wounding”, saying that he “chopped and changed” his story to “evade enquiry” and been “less than forthcoming, consistent and truthful”.

Matthew Stanbury, the family’s barrister from Garden Court North chambers, said “This is a very significant judgement. It is very rare for families to bring unlawful killing claims in the civil courts after an acquittal, and vindicates the family after a long struggle. It is testament to their determination that they have achieved this result. It is welcome that the court recognised that this was an appropriate case for an award of aggravated damages.

This was to punish him for his despicable behaviour in murdering Ryan, but also afterwards in disposing of evidence, lying to the police, and perjuring himself at trial".

Ever since a jury found their son’s killer not guilty of murder and manslaughter, despite him admitting to the stabbing, the family of Ryan Passey have desperately been seeking justice.

Now they feel relieved and vindicated after a civil court found Kobe Murray liable for “wrongfully and unlawfully causing Ryan’s death”, and awarded aggravated damages. The judgement follows another significant announcement: that the original police murder inquiry will be reviewed.

Ryan's parents said: "This is a reminder to all that an acquittal in a criminal trial is not evidence of someone’s innocence. Not only is an acquittal not conclusive proof of innocence, it is not any evidence of innocence at all"

"We will never give up in our pursuit of justice for Ryan. We miss him every day. Until Kareem Gayle is put behind bars for taking our Ryan’s life away from his family and friends, we will never rest".

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