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Civil Prosecution Papers have been served in ongoing fight for Justice For Ryan

Today marks a massive move forwards in our campaign and fight for Justice For Ryan.

Following several month’s planning, we are pleased to announce that Civil Prosecution Papers have today been served to Kobe Murray.

Ryan’s Dad, Adrian Passey has begun private legal proceedings on behalf of Ryan and the family to hold Kobe Murray to account for wrongfully and unlawfully causing Ryan’s death.

Our aim is to prove via the Civil Court that Kobe Murray unlawfully killed Ryan Passey on 6 August 2017, in that at the time of so doing the defendant intentionally used the knife to stab Ryan without any lawful excuse.

Further or alternatively, the force used against Ryan was excessive and disproportionate to any risk perceived by the Defendant.

Our prosecution papers mark the exceptional and contumelious nature of the Kobe Murray’s behaviour, and his conduct afterwards.

We have always maintained Ryan was murdered on the evening of 5th August 2017 and we intend to prove via the Civil courts that Kobe Murray intentionally used the knife to stab Ryan without any lawful excuse.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our legal team, Barrister Matthew Stanbury of Garden Court Chambers and Chris Topping of Broudie, Jackson, Cantor.

Also, to our private investigative team, Russ Whitfield of Liberton Investigations and Simon Bates of Artifex investigations for their ongoing work and all there help and support they have provided us thus far in our fight for justice for Ryan.

Finally, a massive thank you to all our campaign supporters and our community for all their love and support shown to us.

Our Civil Prosecution is just one part of a number of actions we will be taking in the coming months ahead in our fight to finally get justice for Ryan.

This year has been particularly difficult with the impact of Covid on our campaigning activities, but we maintained from day one, following the reprehensible and inconceivable acquittal verdict delivered at our trial, that we would fight on for the rightful justice Ryan deserves and no matter difficult or how long that takes, we will never give up.

It is in the interest of the whole of our society and our criminal justice system, we fight on to right this terrible wrong and allow Ryan’s parents some opportunity to be able to grieve properly and to try move on from the psychological, emotional, and physical damage caused by the sudden loss of Ryan, deepened even further from not receiving any form of justice to date.

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