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New family appeal for information – 3 years on from devastating acquittal verdict

The 6th February 2021 marks the 3rd anniversary Ryan’s parents and family watched in disbelief and shock as his confessed killer, Kobe Murray, who admitted to stabbing Ryan through his heart and claiming he had acted in self-defence, walked free from Birmingham Crown court, without any punishment for his actions. A decision that has further shattered their lives and increased their torture and pain of losing Ryan.

Ryan was a normal 24-year-old lad, who had gone out with his lifelong friend on a night out to Chicago’s nightclub in Stourbridge, but never returned home due to being fatally stabbed through his heart.

They are appealing for help & support with their Justice For Ryan campaign and are appealing for anyone with information that may be of help to them, to please come forward.

For them to appeal the original acquittal verdict delivered at their trial and obtain a new trial, they need to obtain “New & Compelling Evidence”. That is new evidence not previously adduced at court.

They are particularly keen to find out any information people may have surrounding the knife that was used to kill Ryan. They know the knife was purchased from DIA Leisure in Brierley Hill a couple of weeks before Ryan was fatally stabbed. They are keen to understand any details or information people may know regarding the where about of the knife between the day it was purchased and the fateful night it was used to stab Ryan.

In conjunction with their private investigators Liberton investigations, the family have released a new online video appealing for people with information to come forwards.

They also believe people may still be withholding vital information regarding Ryan’s killer and ask that they search their conscious and do the right thing and come forward with any information they may have.

It has been over 3 years, since Ryan’s parents tragically lost Ryan, and the pain, trauma and distress of knowing the person responsible for causing his death is still walking free, means they cannot grieve properly for Ryan or try to move forward with their own lives.

Please DO THE RIGHT THING and come forward with any information that may help them get justice for their son.

You can contact them confidentially at or

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